Looking for roommate for Evo


I have a reservation at a nearby hotel (10 min walk) for a “deluxe room” for 4 nights (check in 11th, check out 15th). I am currently sharing with one local friend (we are both from Toronto). I am looking to meet up with one more person in Las Vegas (or a local from Toronto) for a 3 person split. Obviously, would prefer someone with clean etiquette and non snoorer (sorry). Total would be only $90 each if we get a third person. I am not sure about taking a fourth since the hotel will not guarantee the room size :/.

Please PM if you are interested in discussing it.


Im interested, let me know if you still need the someone. Im trying to get to evo for the first time.


I’m interested. I’m super clean and don’t snore. Please feel free to PM if you’re still looking for someone.