Looking for roommates for evo.

Hey guys, I’m in Oklahoma for work and I plan on attending evo this year with my girl friend. I haven’t made reservations yet, but once I find a group we can cross that bridge when we get there. So far I have two people, and my girlfriend is helping pay for the room so it will be split evenly. Text me if you’re interested, I wanna get the ball rolling as soon as possible. :). 336 509 1650

I could easily help anyone out with a room situation if I was able to go. my parents have racked up so much comps we get free rooms at the Hilton(I think they changed the name to the Hotel) every time we go. I would definitely try to ask around to see if anyone has some free rooms, since you haven’t made reservations yet. Good luck!

You’re better off posting this either in Regional Matchmaking where you can find guys who live close to you, so you can share a carpool and a room. Few people will usually turn down reduced Evo expense cost, unless you’re one of those dudes who never showers or wear deodorant.

You can also post this in the Evo sub-forum as well, where you, along with scores of other people, are trying to find roommates.

This is not a Newbie Dojo-appropriate forum post.

Yup. Posting for roommates in the newbie dojo doesn’t make a helluva lot of sense.