Looking for roommates


I’m the only one in my room so I have room for 2-3 others. I don’t know if I’m getting 2 beds or 1 bed yet, but there should also be other furniture we can chill on. Splitting for Friday/Saturday, pm me or reply to this thread if you’re interested or want more details.

I don’t charge that much for splitting (basically because it isn’t fair with the amount of luxuries I would be getting as opposed to my roommates) so if you’re sure you want to stay with me, just let me know and I’ll charge you $40 for each night.


id all depends on the hotel bro, where are your reservations at?


I’m also interested, but yeah, this is a bit too vague for me to commit. Where is this, and is it just Fri/Sat?


I’m in caesar’s palace and its for friday/saturday.