Looking for Ryus

Hello everyone. I am training to become the best. I am looking for ryu players that I can spar with. I also want to solidify myself on the ryu mirror matchup and to totally erase any holes of any kind in my gameplay.

My psn is American-Daigo. Im on the west coast and I hate yellow bar lag. I will soon have my xbox available while my hori fightstick for the 360 is being shipped right now. so my xbl is AmericanDaigo. I usually have 16-18 hr and some 24/7 sessions. Less if I am busy with personal and academic matters.

I am having a hard time finding any ryu that is at least low mid level! I do not want to consider myself good. I do not like the compare myself with other players but only to look at myself and focus on my own play. But I do thirst for high level ryu. I must improve in mirror matches so that I may train hard to have no weakness in the match.

My execution is polished, footsies are established, meter management is developed and so forth so please expect these when practicing with me.


Yeah man I can play some games with you on XBL,I will add you tomorrow.I am not as good as I used to be because I stopped playing for a while so I am still kinda of getting back to where I was,but I need practice as well so I would be glad to get games.Also were you the one who got lessons form Air? I seen him mention something about training a daigo. lol

yes I got one lesson from Air. Okay I’ll be happy to spar with you as soon as I get my xbox (like in a week?) I’ll also be happier if its green connection.

Yeah just whenever you get your xbox we can play,hopefully the connection is good.

Why only looking for ryu mirror matchup? That’s the easy one. You would have know the match up if u main ryu and all conditions are equal in a mirror match.

Suggest you try to challenge the best of other charc you can find. You would improve much faster this way.

Hey Austin,

I am free to practice tonight if you are up!


Ok ill try to be on tonight but i might be a little busy for tonight.

Add me: rashed786 (I’m only on xbox by the way).

I’ll test these footsies, meter management and execution of yours and see how good you actually are. The ryu mirror is my favourite matchup. I just hope the connection is decent. I’m in the UK BTW but have played against US players and sometimes the connection is v good.

then connection will not be great. im on wifi so that makes it worse. im starting to lose confidence in myself in the game now as well… i just figured the xbox is different than psn and i have to get used to the timing issues. i will add you

If I see you online I’ll fight request you and we’ll see how the connection is. As for the timing difference, its weird how theres a difference between the two consoles. Add to this online lag (even if minimal) and the game becomes very different to playing at a local arcade :-(. You’ll get the timing eventually, but the problem is that it may take some time.