Looking for sak players for PC version to practice with



Please add me, my gamertag is RogueBehavior, I’m located on the east coast in NJ. I would love to get some good matches going with other like minded individuals.


anyone??? :frowning:


I am on PC but I am in Davis/Bay area. Our matches would be unplayable.


yeah that sucks :confused:


Are you cool with playing subpar/below average Sakuras in training? lol, let me know.


sure… im no pro lol


GFWL: arsenaltengu


GFWL: AvariceXI

I’m in London, Ontario which is about an 8-hour drive from NJ; not too terribly far.

Sometimes my PC freezes playing this game though…rarely, but if you see me drop from a game this is why.


Location: Hong Kong, Asia

Lacking sakura players on PC version here :frowning:


GFWL: MingoDynasty
Steam: WongDynasty

I am East Coast.

I doubt it matters that much though, since PC connection > PSN/XBL. I’ve played people in Cali who usually have at least 3-4 bars, compared to on PSN/XBL they usually have 1 or 2 max.


UK based PC player here, I am not great, but always looking to learn :slight_smile:

GFWL: Reimalken


Sakura Player here from Cyprus (Greek Flag) floating around 3k-4k … gamertag: Constantinos182


Dutch sakura player here fairly new gfwl: MetsuGadoken


Eczila, swedish sakura player. I have played around with sakura for a while, but recently decided to drop my main abel for her, I usually have good connections to players all over europe. Add if you want to get som games in.