Looking for Salt Lake/Northern UT community


I’ve been searching for a while and I haven’t found much on a community here in Utah (preferrably northern). Is there anyone around here? If so, where? Any events? Ever since salt fest the community seemed non existent. Any info would be helpful!


There are a few different places to check for information, now.
The [Utah thread on SRK](Utah Thread: Not everyone is Mormon......just the majority is the oldest and may pick up steam soon.

Currently, the 801 Utah FGC group on Facebook gets updated the most and has the most use.

There is also a blog, utahstreetfighters.blogspot.com, which has been resurrected and is updated daily (or almost daily).

What do you play?


Thanks so much! :smiley: I play ae 2012 but id love to try more. I’ve been practicing kofxiii but wow, those trials. Not to big on marvel but I haven’t given it an honest try. Honestly I just want to get away from online troubles and be part of the community.