Looking for Sam Sho Zero (V) Sprites


Does anyone knowhere I can find sprites of


I have sprites of Enja, Mina, Rasetsumaru, Rera, Yoshitora, Yumeji and Yunfei,
so I know that Sam Sho V is being ripped, but I can’t seem to find any of those listed above.

Anyone have these or know where to find them?



Got this from a friend, dunno who ripped it or where he got it from.


That rocks, thank you!

BTW, these are the ones I already had for anyone who wants 'em.



One you don’t have.


Much obliged (again)



Well, I managed to find a couple clean screens of Kusaregedo, and managed to clean out a sprite, but even between the two, I can’t get all of the POW symbol off of his right foot.


No one else has any info about Sam Sho V sprites?