Looking For Santa Maria, CA area players!


Looking for people in the Santa Maria and surrounding areas that play fighting games! Competitive or casual play.
I’ve recently moved from NC, and left all my training buddies there :frowning:
The main games I play are SFIII : 3rd Strike and Guilty Gear XXAC+. But I’ve recently started playing Melty Blood.
Unfortunately I only have one PS2 arcade stick. However I know how to wire them, and even have an extra controller laying around to do so. I also have a Wii arcade stick.
2D fighters are king!

Fighters in my collection include:

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (SFII and SFIII:3rd)
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus
Melty Blood Actress Again
Super Dragon Ball Z (Developed by ex Capcom member)
Suggoi Arcana Heart 2
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol 1

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I have a modded PS2 and modded Wii, so any titles for these are easily acquired. Including imports! I also have a 360, but no arcade stick :confused: Wouldn’t mind learning some BlazBlue.
Not a big fan of uMvC3 or Tekken, and I hate SFIV and all its iterations. But I don’t mind watching them haha.

I can host, or I don’t mind bringing my system somewhere to meet. I just need somebody to play with.

I can be reached via PM or at (910)-578-1926. My name is David.




you had me at super dbz. i need a ps2 stick though, fuck.

edit: also, you should hit up my friend josh (Trexid) on his thread about local events and gatherings etc.

San Luis Obispo - SSFIV:AE, MvC3, 3sOE, MK9 and more; Local Community & Tournaments

@Einlanzer if you have any stick I can add a PS2 cord to it. Pretty simple really, just let me know so I can get the pad wired and ready to hook up. Also I posted to the thread you linked me to. Also got a message from Red_venom suggesting that I contact BlueMary69, which I did. Hope to get some play in sometime! Thanks!


sweet. i actually have a 360 te stick stripped of its buttons that my friend gave me. he said its kinda buggy so i was thinking of putting a Cthulhu or something in it.

yea, BlueMary69 is cool. him and his friends are really good and live in santa maria.

and for the record guilty gear is my favorite fighter. there’s not many gg players around here though, at least not yet…also i play blazblue. but yea, Josh is a friendly guy, and was the one who actually started these gathering and local events back in 08/09 around here. Im usually in the area every other weekend or so since i go to school down at CSU Channel Islands, but i try to make it out to SLO whenever i have free time to hang with ppl.


bump, I NEED someone to play!


bump sigh same as above


bump (if there’s a problem with this please let me know)


shameless bump, I still have no one to play. My lil bro just turned 3 but like most people, he’s a button masher, no contest.




no more shameless bumps man im gonna try and set up a casual soon maybe this weekend for memorial day weekend!


Awesome, let me know if you need any help or equipment. I also have some tables, not much in the way of seating though, a folding chair and a couple of stools. Just hmu if you need anything.




Anybody still down or is it too late? Hit me up at irhp87@gmail.com if not.


We still run our casuals almost every other saturday in my garage which is the RoTb Krew from santa maria we play sf4,Umvsc3, super Turbo, Third Strike, and sfxtk https://facebook.com/pages/Riot-Of-The-Blood/115317891847617 look us up on facebook and we can try and set something up.