Looking for sanwa stick measurements

I’m currently drawing up blue prints for my first custom stick, I haven’t been able the measurements of the entire stick, height, width of mounting plate, etc pretty much all the dimensions. I found the dimensions for the buttons but not the stick.

There ya go.

wow exactly what I was looking for. ty.

I don’t think the measurements on the mounting plate is correct. I can’t really prove anything except for the four holes in the middle. They should be 16mm from the center.

I measured all mountingplates with a caliper:

I can measure down to 1/10 off a millimeter with exact precision. In reality .25mm does not matter so much when you mount it on the JLF, the reason why people ask about measurements on the mountingplate is because they want to know how long and wide it is (and sometimes where the holes for mounting it in metal is).
(Jag kan ta bilder p skjutmttet efter att jag mtt s kan du se).

Who the hell is questioning, Per??? Do people just not understand that he is a God amongst Japanese part users??? He and Mayhem know more about parts than the rest of the world. I bet they could work for Sanwa and Seimitsu… : D


I can also take pictures

I’m not questioning the width and height measurements, just the ones inside :razz:

It is very strange, I get two different measurements when I do it on the yellow and silver plates (I did the measurements on the yellow plates about a year ago).
Even the holes are bigger on the silverplate (4.35 to 4.20 off the yellow).
I do not use digital (not saying there is any problem with the calibration).
Maybe I`ll look at them again when the new catalog comes out for Sanwa (ya never know when new plates will arrive).

Great, then that’s settled :slight_smile:
I used your measurements for the holes for the mountingplate when making & ordering this aluminium plate:

Works well :tup:

Looks great :).

Agreed. Worth leaving as-is!