Looking for: Sega Saturn Controller for PS2 or PC

A couple of years ago Sega released a remake of the Sega Saturn Controller for PS2 and Windows PC.
I like to get this Controller.

I would pay around 70$.
So please write me, if you like to sell one of these controllers - for ps2 or pc.

Best Wishes

Im looking for the same thing for the ps2,but have had no luck as of yet=/

Dunno how good you are with modding or know anyone, but you can take the guts out of a PSX pad and put it into a Saturn 6-button for much cheaper. Those officially made Saturn pads for PSX are pretty rare.

Just suggesting as an option #2

What I was thinking about…

Why did Sega produce so little of these controllers? I mean they are really coveted in the Beat’Em Up scene.