Looking for SF/Marvel players in Barbados, West Indies

Hey, I’m looking for Street Fighter players in Barbados. I think I’ve hit a point where I will not improve unless I have regular comp, and i need some live play. If you guys are out there just reply to this thread so we can link up. Peace.

Hey man.
I know theres an arcade somewhere in bridgetown.

I think its called crystal tower.
The barbados scene is quite small but there are decent players there.

I’ll forward this thread to my bajan friend.

thanks, appreciate it.

Sorry. Its called Diamond Tower.

I might be hard to find so you’re gonna have to ask people around the area.
I remember there being a market surrounding the area and there’s a KFC inside the building

yeah, my brother told me he’s been there. i know where it is, will go and see what’s up soon hopefully.