Looking for SF players in Fredericksburg VA

kinda have a small scene around here just wondering where everyone plays lol

There’s weeklies at Gamepad with around 10 players every tuesday.

Or you could drive 45 minutes and hang with Richmond, which has the best scene in VA. :smiley:

I’m biased.

i went to the gamepad tourney like a year ago lol i havent been in a while i wanna go again though and lol i wanna go to the Richmond tourneys but everytime i find out there is one im busy D:

Gamepad has tourneys every Tuesday.

Richmond has meetups every tuesday and thursday night as well as tourneys every 2-3 months. Next one is on 9/10/11.

there’s the link.

If you want comp, you have to put effort into it. Good players aren’t gonna just show up at your door and ask you if you’re available to play some games.