looking for sf4 players from windsor, ontario, canada



title says it all. whether u play on xbox, ps3 or pc im looking for people in the area to play with on a regular basis as i plan on heading to evo next year. hit me up if you’re in the area



We have a Canada section down the main page. USE IT!


^ LOL at your av after reading that!

He’s right, though. I don’t know how people miss the matchmaking forums when they’re new here. :confused: All you have to do is scroll down on the forum index page.


didnt realize i was dealing with an excessive ammount of estrogen in that time of the month. my apologies valaris here…tosses valaris a chocolate bar and bowl of ice cream. those should help u chill the hell out. “USE IT!”


One reason you’re getting reactions like that is because you’re not thinking about where to post. We here at SRK don’t take too kindly to people posting dupe threads all over the place. It clutters up the forum. If you want to do that go to GameFAQs or something.

Contrary to what some new members believe, there ARE specific boards in SRK where your thread would actually fit (SRK’s Regional Matchmaking forums). I know, that probably blew your mind but don’t worry. Just sit down, have a chocolate bar, maybe some ice cream, and it’ll all sink in soon.

P.S. Have fun with that K-Groove you’ll be building up. :bgrin:


I recommend you read the post directed at valaris. It definitely applies to you as well. And more so if “you here at SRK” get all uptight, insulting, rude and curt over one mistake on an internet forum…i.n.t.e.r.n.e.t f.o.r.u.m. then you people need to have your priorities re-evaluated along with a good trip down common sense road.

P.S. thx im sure i will…whatever the hell that means. im going to assume it’s some ridiculous forum based slang