looking for sf4 players in windsor, ontario, canada

title says it all. whether u play on xbox, ps3 or pc im looking for people in the area to play with on a regular basis as i plan on heading to evo next year. hit me up if you’re in the area

diaf http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=199990

whats with people on this site…omg i posted somethign in the wrong psot as i didnt see a forum below and oh shit i didnt look through posts for 15 minutes instead of making a post in 30 seconds. u dont like my post? dont fucking read it…and take some prozak god damn. “diaf”


yeah i found the forum immediately when somebody else made a mention of it. thx for being a normal human being as aposed to a raging 15 year old battling depression