Looking for SFV training partner [Europe - GMT/GMT+1/GMT+2]


I’m looking for a training partner since the game came out but it is not possible to find where I live.
So I am looking for a training partner for sparring, mutual advice or even looking at each other matches.

I have the game on PS4 but I have steam and I always have my pc near me when I play so I can be on TS/mumble/discord/etc while playing.

I followed the SFIV scene and tournaments but never played it, so SFV is my first SF game.
Even though I am knowledgeable, I lack the practice and muscle memory which means I have a low level.

I guess it would be ideal to find something with a level near mine so we can get better together.

Main : Laura
Languages : English or French
My timezone : GMT+1 (play the evenings or the weekends)
PS4 nickname : rXpCH
Steam nickname : rXp <=== it’s a link

If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask them here :slight_smile:


HI rXp I was looking for some players from gmt+1 as well for lounges and training. I also play mainly during evening and weekends.

I’m around 3k with Bison, but if that’s not ok I’m desperately looking to train some secondary char for better fundamentals and they’d all be around 1000-2000.

Steam ID: Keithan

I don’t play much ranked because if rage quitting and also I like having more than 1 set in a match. So I am around 1k with Laura for now.
But I would definitely play with you (even if I get reckt by your main :))

There is a lot of Keithan on steam, could you add me or post the link to your account ?

Add somebody from the grappling bud cfn thread.