Looking for SfxT VS stick, any tips?


Hi there, I recently got into fighting games and got my first stick a few months ago (sf4 te). I’ve always loved the look of the SfxT vs stick and have been looking for it for months. I can’t find it anywhere, I regularly check online sites (ebay, kijiji) but can’t find it anywhere. Any tips on where I can look? I know madcatz unfortunately doesn’t sell it anymore. I’m looking for the xbox version.


Oh it will turn up on eBay eventually


hopefully soon and I’m praying the price isn’t insane


Did you type in “MAD CATZ Street Fighter X Tekken” or just SFXT stick.
You got too know how to use key words for eBay searches.

Once you refine your keywords for your search to get the best results click the Follow this search Link.
That will save the search, then you can set up various notifications for when a good auction, buy now or deal pop up.

Right now using eBay I can find a few Street Fighter X Tekken sticks, but they are all way over priced.
Keep trying, Eventually you find something

You might also want to try the trading outlet at SRK