Looking for skilled ibuki

hello ibuki forum, I am a balrog looking to practice with an ibuki (preferably 2k pp +) as I am ass when it comes to dealing with the vortex. posting here instead of matchmaking cause I know I probably won’t find an ibuki so easily there from past experience.
I was 4k-5kpp in vanilla and super and I’m hovering around 3k right now so if anyone needs to practice the balrog matchup please hmu my xbxlive is the same as my username.

and just in general for the forum… what can I do when i get knocked down and have to predict the knife crossup and mixups? what are my options that you guys may have noticed for balrog that messes with your flow?

much appreciated

Look no further: [COLOR=#000000]http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/ibuki-online-player-directory/95186[/COLOR]


Also this made me lol.

This also made me lol. Online points are such serious business.

When you get knocked down, you pray you have meter to EX dash out. Also pray Ibuki goes for kunai vortex instead of a safe jump + option select which would blow up any reversal attempt from Boxer.

there’s no need to be a dick man :confused:
obviously I’m asking for someone who knows what they’re doing and that’s why I asked for the designated range and give a general idea as to what skill cap I’m currently at as well by saying my player points.

as for the vortex, I agree with the ex dash and I already do it, but would there be a general reference point to tell whether the knives are going to cross me up or remain on the same side?

and thanks for the link to the ibuki online directory :slight_smile:

I lol’d too. online rank doesnt matter, sorry if that offends you

Yeah man, using the skill ranking system to predict the rank of someone’s skill is fucking retarded. I personally just look for people with a clan tag or SRK at the end of their name…that means they’re really good and you need to be on the top of your game.

LMFAO! Usually when I see someone with the SRK tag I just think free BP/PP, and then I usually troll the shit out of them after asking how I can join this SRK Clan.

this just fucking made me lawwwlll. youre right… thats why Latif, Daigo, Wolfkrone, gamerbee, Tokido, Poongko, ice0age, uryo, F3rdi, PR rog, filipino champ, jwong (just to name A FEW) etc. all have the highest pp… but that doesnt mean they are good youre absolutely right they probably suck… dumbass
just stop using that as an excuse for you being ass or giving yourself hope that you know how to play the game cause youre sub1k

guess im never getting help here oh well
thanks to the first poster anyway

Back in super I made 4500PP and literally all I did was abuse online tactics. Jump spam, jump kunai, slide spam, mash backdash, mash dp, FA dash up throw, mash FA backdash to get out of trouble, etc. So please, stop using points as anything close to a measure of someone’s epeen.

Only a basic grasp of matchups can be achieved via online. If you truly want to master a matchup, you simply have to find your offline scene. There’s a lot of stuff you should be able to react to, but won’t be able to due to online lag. Reacting to subtle differences in Ibuki’s vortex would be one of them. For example, reacting to kunai vs nonkunai okizeme is possible offline, but becomes impossible offline. Another prime example is reacting to Ibuki’s overhead. Online she’s basically going to get lots of free knockdowns off it. Offline she’ll most likely get punished for spamming it. I don’t think we’ll be able to help you very much, except maybe discuss Boxer vs Ibuki theory fighter.

I don’t have a problem reacting to most shit online, but online I’m like trolling 100%. It’s so boring, I’ll hit like 5k PP if I just play Ibuki for a day straight, zzz.

Then everyone you play must be on a pristine wired connection, with green bars and living right next door to you. Either that or you play on autopilot, which I wouldn’t doubt rofl.

I don’t know who you’re talking to, I hope it’s not me.

Its sarcasm brah
I added you on xbl yesterday

IMO PP matters, but BP doesn’t. Out of all the Ibuki players I’ve fought, the hardest ones had the highest BP but not too much PP. One Ibuki player I though (who isn’t very good at all) have very high BP rates (abour 13000BP) but their PP stays in the 2000-2300 area. Which means their win ratio is about 40-60%.

I think I reached uh, 4300 or something on Super, but barely scratched 10000 BP, which included times I spent before I even knew the command list of any characters. In AE, one I hardly ever played, my win ratio is like 70-85%. But the problem is that’s AFTER I learnt the character, but my skill of AE and Super is the same.

tl;dr if someone reaches around 4000+ PP in AE as of this moment (since it isn’t too old), then they’re pretty darn good.

today i fought akuma with 2200pp but 7300bp.
the hell?
i am floating between 1800-2100pp and my bp is stuck on 4600 rotfl

There are three way this can happen.

He loses to players with more or equal PP, but beats people with much lower (< ~1400).
Plays under “More Skilled” so his BP increases faster than PP (plays people with high BP, same or less PP).
Has a win-ratio of about 40%.

On PS3 my PP is higher than my BP lol.

I could have sworn the More Skilled option searches for higher PP, not BP.

Nah, definitely not. Either that or it searches for Highest Obtained PP. When I had 4000+PP in Super it was a nightmare trying to find someone with equal or more PP (that wasn’t Ryan Hart or SENAMON) because my BP across all characters was still around 8000. I kept fighting 2500~3000 players who had B+ or A ranked characters.

Same skilled and more skilled work with PP. It’s just dumb cause “More Skilled” will still match you up with people with like 500-1000 PP less than you. I recently dropped to 1.5k PP after having like 4600~ in AE so I can confirm. BP has nothing to do with how SSF4 does matchmaking.

What you stated makes no sense haha. If it was by PP, More Skilled won’t match you up with people with 1500 less PP. I’m almost certain it’s Total BP (across all characters).

Generally it matches you up with people with more PP. That’s what I’ve always experienced. Generally. Sometimes it does match you up with people with way less PP than you, but not that often imo.

Definitely can’t possibly be total BP because then I’d only be playing people that got the C to shining C achievement plus several characters at B rank and up.