Looking for some 12 & Sean matches


Wierd request no? I was wondering if anyone has seen any good 12 &/or Sean matches cuz I wanna gain a little experience with these fellas. Thanks.


Yamazaki plays an amazing Twelve in some of the ranbat videos.
Nobody in Japan really uses Sean though.
What fun is there in using a castrated shoto?
At least with Twelve you get to glide around.


C-Royd IS Sean.


That is the smartest thing I have ever heard anyone say about anything


Ok, now I need to see a match of C-Roy playing Sean


Yeah, Yamazaki’s twelve is very entertaining. Sean, however, has never seen the light of a good match vid. >_>


Really? Can I have a link to the vids plz? Cuz one day I wanna do an SFIII tourney with my friends and win the final bout with 12:badboy: :badboy: :devil:


I Am Sean


With all do respect sir, ye be NOT Sean! Unless you’re REAL name is Sean.


Here’s the only decent Sean vid i have: http://www.megaupload.com/it/?d=JKWU08U5


OMG! that Yun suck


Indeed, and he also pick the wrong SA! :tdown:


that Yun player sucked so bad he deserved to lose to Sean



That Twelve player was toying with the Sean hardcore.


It’s like a double ownage: it’s not just u’re losing to 12, you’re also losing to a 12 that actually morphed into Sean. :clap:

Shit happens. :\


that’s why the vid is so good