Looking for some art for metal laser cutting project

if any could help me out it would be greatly appriciated, cause i cant draw for shit, and iam looking for some art work to put on a see through joystick iam gonna make, so if you have any art, please post it. oh and i plan on presenting the finished joystick at evo.

Anything you are looking for in particular?

If not you can go through the csfac challenge thread and snag anything I got from both challenges. If you are looking for clean linework I’m probably not the man, as my work is very messy and painterly like.

You can snatch from me too if you like. Anything from the Fan art challenges. Just PM me.

It would probably be easier for you to have a browse around the fan art gallery and then PM the artist whose art you’d like to use.

well the art work iam looking for has to be kinda clean line because its gonna be laser cut. ill take pretty much whatever and look them over and decide the best i kinda want something that deals with gaming cuz iam gonna show it off at evo. THANKS FOR POSTING GUYS :slight_smile: