Looking for some CS2 Players


Anyone here still play Blazblue CS2 here?  I’m looking to get some training with my Jin and Hakumen.  Maybe you guys could come on and give me some tips.  I don’t have CSE yet, but I want to really gain a good bit of knowledge about those two characters so I’m looking for more players to help me learn matchups and even give me tips on my playstyle on what needs to be changed and what i need to work on 


I just added you on XBL. I’m just starting to take this game seriously, so I’m pretty terrible right now, but I guess you can practice your combos on me lol.


That’s fine now all we have to do is work on our NAT problems and we’ll get some games in. However, I may get your help in UMVC3 because I don’t know what to do in that game. I pick up Blazblue alot faster than that game and according to friends that’s the game I should have gotten the hang of the fastest.


If anyone plays this on PSN (CS2, not Extend!) add me!


Hey man I still pl cs on xbl live if you want a hit me up my tag ebonyknight09