Looking for some CSE players


I’m looking to get some games in with some people who are relatively new to the game as I am. I finally got CSE so I would love to play with you peeps. My gamertag is the same as my username send me a invite or add me if you enjoy yourself. Let’s begin training for CP!


I suppose you mean the XBL version? Yea, I’m getting the PSN one.
In other news, it appears that CSE will be free for PS Plus users soon…


If I’m not working tonight, I’ll probably have some downtime to play some BlazBlue CS Extend with you. I’m usually playing Darkstalkers Resurrection on Friday nights though.


Alright then. Well i’ll send you a add and perhaps we can get some games in soon.


I’ll be able to play Wednesday night.


Picking up the game today. My gt is in the sig if anyone wants to add me.


Just ordered this game off of Amazon for $15. Will add people in the thread on XBL, definitely wanna get some games in.


even though this is seven months ago ill add you guys, been looking for people to play with on this game.