Looking for some Fighter fans on 360 for casual matches

Growing up I played a lot of 3rd strike with friends. While most of those friends all play 360 today, most of them have lost their love for fighting games. I still enjoy playing a lot, so I’m looking for some people to play with. I’m no pro, not even when I was still good.

So I’m looking for mid level casual players. People who love the game, have a grasp of how to play, but can’t just parry everything I do and counter with perfect combos, and people that use strictly top tier characters can get boring.

No offense to pro players, it’d just be boring to play with ya. Considering It’d be stupid easy wins for you, and boring losses for me.

Games I have:

Blazblue CS
SFIII 3rd Strike OE
SSF2T HD Remix
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

My gamertag is Jushiness, if you add me, drop me a note here, or on xbox live.
My AIM sn is also Jushiness, if you’d like to add me there to give me a heads up when you’re free to play.

I’m not that good, but feel free to add me. I have BB:CS, 3rd Strike, and MvC2 although I don’t play MvC2 much since I’m not really sure how to play it =/

GT is Wizil. Normally i play SSF4 AE, I only play MVC3 casually. I just got KOF 13, I would be interested in playing KOF13 with you if you end up getting it, I never played the series before. I work quite a bit so I have a limited time budget for games, but we seem to have the same out look on playing.

Blazblue CS- i have this game but have not played BB much
SFIII 3rd Strike OE- i have this game
SSF2T HD Remix- i have this game
MvC2- i have but never really play it much
Garou- dont have
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum- Dont have

Whats up guys, added you guys on XBL…Looking forward to some matches