Looking for some good people to learn from on HDR and SSFIV



Hit me up, my GT is on the left.

I’m trying to just learn the play the actual game more. I don’t like playing random people online, those people are usually a joke. I realized how much of a joke online play is after I saw the way players play at the anime convention I went to this weekend.


This is either a bait thread or you’re a complete moron.

An XBL player just won evo and the standard of online play on remix is excellent. If these players are a joke why would you want to learn from them. Couldnt some of the people at the anime convention help instead.

You want to learn to play the game so ur probably not qualified to determine what high level play is.


^ I agree what Elton says.
Just not in such harsh words. Haha.

If you want to be the best, you’ve got to play the best.
So, online play is probably you’re best option.
Online isn’t a joke, sure there’s lag, but there is so much to learn.

Depending on what game want to learn, head into their respected threads
and ask questions. If you’ve never played a fighting game before,
I suggest ‘training mode’.


Add me, I need people to play with

my Gamertag : vVv KYRO E5


Add me, I need people to play with

my Gamertag : vVv KYRO E5