Looking for some help with creating a banner


Like the title says im looking for some help with creating a banner for a weekly im going to be hosting, just want a Mortons salt container with “Ultimate” on top curved like an n and on the bottom “Sundays” curved like a U around the morton girl. then on the bottom have it say Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 and maybe the background as a shot of crowds at majors like EVO or FR etc. any help would be GREATLY appreciated as I am a total noob at making graphics :frowning:


Bump :confused:


Are you wanting a full size banner to print out? That would be a bit difficult without a nice camera since you need the image of the salt container to be such a high resolution to start with. Also putting a curved line of text like you want that goes against the curve of the jar would make it hard to read. If you want something for use on the internet let me know, I may be able to help


This will be used for a website/ internet promoting. Not to be printed out LOL that would be intense. I am definitely interested in your help!!