Looking for some help with the new Gamerfinger Optical Joystick

I was wondering if anyone has installed one on the new TE2? And if so could you please go through the steps needed to do so?
link: http://www.focusattack.com/gamerfinger-optical-joystick-pcb-for-sanwa-jlf-joystick/

There are directions listed on the page you linked to. Is there something more specific you need help with?

I’m interested in trying this out too and found this thread looking for information. So has anyone installed it in a TE2?

on the FA site it says ‘‘Its 5-volt conversion is compatible with Playstation 2™, Playstation 3™, Microsoft Xbox360™ and Sega Dreamcast.’’ Is it also compatible with PS4? (sorry I really don’t know much about electrical components).

I’ve been modding for a few months now but this would be the first time I have to solder anything…

It’ll work fine on PS4 since it uses USB which is 5v.

With a few exceptions (such as Sony brand PlayStation Controllers) most controllers run on +5 volts.
Coming into the arcade controller is 5 volts from the USB. If you look where the red wire from the USB connects to the board inside is the first place most people get their +5 volts from.

Yes I said it as +5 volts as -5 volts does exist (you see it for example on Jamma boards) but for our purposes when it comes to arcade controls we don’t need to worry about it.

I’ve got a question:
I know that you have to solder the wires to the pcb for it to work. However, can you solder the wires to a 5-pin plug that you can put into any TE stick PCB or any other JLF stick PCB?

It comes with an adapter so you can do that, but you still need to put the VCC wire somewhere from the Gamerfinger PCB

I’m thinkin of getting it but does this work on ps2? (3.3v) It says its multi voltage but I just want to confirm since the original Spark made by toodles and the ASCII optical had some problems on PS2.

The original version of the spark didn’t work but later revisions did
If you have a optical board that uses only 3.3v you could try to use a DC-DC converter board to boost the voltage back to 5 volts.
No guarantees though

Yeah I tried the Dc-dc converter but no dice. I know the spark ce works on all systems but it’s like almost twice the price.

Its worth it. Toodles’ craftsmanship is no joke.