Looking for some help

Hey guys,

My friends and I are creating a new website and we plan on including forums for people to post on. We also plan on using avatars on the front page when posting news or topics for the general audience to read. Problem is, the artist can’t seem to get the handle of creating avatars down at all.

I’ll tell him the pixel size and kb requirements and he’ll create a picture only to have it be far too big for the restrictions above. So, I showed him these forums and he just shook his head. He says he doesn’t get it, but would be interested in learning how to create avatars properly.

So, long story short, I’m looking to see if anyone is interested in helping him learn how to create avatars, or better yet, anyone who would be willing to create avatars for us in their spare time. I’ve noticed some of the guys who create these things seem to pop them out in no time whatsoever. We can’t pay anyone to do this, but you will get mad props when ever possible and a link to your personal website.

Thanks for your time. Oh yeah, if your interested in checking out the site or what the characters look like, check out my signature. Thanks again!

-If he uses Photoshop…
Ctrl+N will make a new document and ask you for the size (pixel, cm, inches, etc) you want it to be. As for kb sizes, the only way I find out is AFTER I’m done creating the avatar. If I’m over, I have to ‘fix’ it. If I’m not…play ball!

Yeah, he uses photoshop, but I’m not sure which version. So, do you normally start by drawing something big, then resize it down to avatar size, or do you just start small. Sorry, I have no art skill or photoshop skill what so ever, so I can’t be of much help.

i will be happy to help dimensions?

I make sigs and avatars

Gangster ass turtle


That looks great, GuMz. I’m going to be talking with the page designer and artist to see what kind of help we may need in the avatar department. I’ve got a lot of ideas, but I’ll need original artwork from the artist to make them happen. I’ll keep in touch with you guys via PM’s to let you know what’s up.