Looking for some info about hori fighting stick ps

I did a search and didn’t find much about this stick. it is that boxy one.

Hori Fighting Stick PS by Hori

is it easy to install JLF or LS-32-01 into this box? I definitely don’t want to drill the top pannel. what are the stock parts?

I am interested in getting one. I do like it has enough rest space for hand and wrist even that turbo pannel makes it looking terrible.

Thanks ahead.

I am sorta with ya dude. I have interest in this too.

It might not be hard to put it in a JLF (you might have to do some drilling on the JLF’s plastic frame) but I guess the biggest obstacle is the weird stuff between the harness and the PCB.

Haven’t seen one of those in a while. If I remember correctly, a JLF is going to be a tight fit.

Thanks buddy, I am fine with drilling the JLF and change PCB. But I just don’t like the idea of drilling the metal panels.

Yea, judging for the pictures I can find, I think it is sorta similar to the namco stick modding. Appreciate your info for sure. :slight_smile:

I think there might be a way of avoiding drilling the metal panel but I might be wrong. Some guy who was modding the similar Saturn based SS model made me feel a bit discouraged about modding a PS model.

The Saturn and PS versions of the Hori Fighting Stick are virtually identical down to most details on the PCB.

If you actually take the Saturn version apart, you see where the space for the Select button of the PS1 PCB was! You can literally turn a Saturn HFS into a PS1 version by removing the Saturn connector cord, installing a PS1 cord (with a few mini-cable adjustments) and with a solder/trace reroute putting in a Select button, too.

People have done mods of these joystick cases for Neo Geo custom sticks. You can enlarge the button holes a bit to accommodate 30mm buttons. Just be careful with a Dremel or drilling tool. As far as using current production joysticks, you’d have to mod a JLF or Seimitsu joystick to fit in that tight case unless you drill a hole in the bottom of it. (It’s possible that a JLF modded with a PS2/PS3 HFS stick shaft could bit into this case… That’s what I used in my Wii HFS mod.) The case is somewhere in size between a Namco joystick and PS2/PS3 Hori Fighting Stick in size, maybe a bit smaller. It’s a tight fit for most PCB’s with the possible exception of the Cthulu/MC Cthulu.

Frankly, an Agetec or Mad Catz SE joystick case would be much easier to mod. More space for arcade parts and a PCB. These old HFS PS/Saturn cases are marginal at best.

damn, those 2 screws on the top panel hurts me. Thanks for the link. I think i am probably give up on this.

Thanks for input, buddy.I even didn’t know they use 28mm holes. I liked the space on the top panel. I am wondering why modern day’s sticks always leave very few space for hand and wrist. Even TEs space feels not enough for me. I think i should go find an Agetec instead. I have an SE but I really hated that angeled top panel. my left hand feels really uncomfortable and will feel very tired after about 15 min playing with it each time. that damn ridge was the reason. I wish they had produced it flat surface with a slope. oh well.

Agetec is a nice case to mod for 360/PS3 BUT keep in mind this –

You have to cut an awful lot of plastic just to fit in 30mm buttons from either Sanwa or Seimitsu!
The button hole sizes are fine and 30mm buttons do fit securely BUT the stock Agetec button holes have these “tunnels” in the interior of the case that have to be cut/filed/ground down so that the San/Seim buttons can grip or screw in properly. Stock Agetec buttons have a different attachment scheme than San/Seim buttons. Also, if you intend to keep the original aluminum faceplate for the Agetec you have to widen the button slightly to accommodate 30mm San/Seim buttons.

It’s given that you will have to drill holes in the Left/Right or Top sides of the Agetec to mount 24mm Buttons for with use with a new PCB.

As far as a new joystick is concerned, there are different approaches to installation. You will definitely have to cut (by half) one of the interior large tunnels in the joystick area to fit either the JLF or LS-32-01/-40-01. MKL preferred cutting a lot of plastic out to accommodate an LS-32-01 (Check out his modding tutorial here => shmups.system11.org • View topic - Modding an Agetec DC stick, advice needed. ); other modders just drill holes centered through the existing Agetec shaft and hang mounting screws down through the plastic.

Even if your Agetec mod is not as radical as MKL is, it’s a good idea to follow his advice and get self-clinching studs (4M thread size, length at least 18mm) to anchor your JLF, LS-32-01, or LS-40-01. Flat screws really aren’t flat for the most part. They have triangular heads that can cause the Agetec case plastic to crack destructively over time…

I pretty much followed MKL’s mod guide but wasn’t afraid to use power tools when it was safe to do so. The case mod took a while and it was by far the most involved mod I’ve done but the end result of that effort was worth it!

Hi George, Thanks again for the information. I actually might be able to get a sanwa pre-modded one for cheap. If i can get it, it definitely will save me a lot of effort.

This actually doesn’t seem to be the case.
Today I got some Seimitsu PS-14-KN and it turns out they fit perfectly into the holes of my Hori Fighting Stick PS.