Looking for some old friends...


Looking for some old friends…
This IS Damien Hermens from Quarters Acrade and also from Lanwerx in the greater northwest as well as the Family Fun Center, I just moved back to Seattle and I wanted to see where people are playing the good ol’ stuff as well as catch up with a few old faces from all of the tournaments we ran. Hit me up on facebook please and let me know whats good, Id love to hear from people and catch up.


BTW, I would still destroy you all in P-Groove Blanka, Sagat, Ken for life.


As if I ever left.

Sup Damien. :tup:


I’d probably have to see what you look like cause i’m drawing a blank.


This is exactly what im talking about, I can see soo many faces but I cant remember anyones names lol.



Just about the only person I’ve kept in contact with is JMH or as you guys know him, lifetimeboy.


LOL LTB, nice.

Yeah I think I remember you???

Well I was one of the MANY regulars of Silver Coin/Lanwerx back in the day. I only went to Quarters perhaps 5 times in its life span if I remember correctly.

You remember Billy?


that name sounds very familiar, what did he look like


I used to goto Lanwerx back in the day as well. I only played 3s and cvs2 though.