Looking for some people to add for psn tourney online!


So I was just wondering to see if anyone wants to add me on psn (Lalo_The_Brain) So we can host 4 or 8 player tournaments online. Also, ive been saving up some some money for a third strike online edition tournament in Chicago if anyone wants to come, but I dont even have any good ideas where to host a tournament at… Maybe ill do a side event tournament for evo 2014


There’s already an event planned for Evo. Take a look at the Evo 2014 thread on this forum for the details.

There’s also a semi regular tournament
series on PSN I believe. I know I see it mentioned on the Facebook group here and there.

Before you start organizing events, first find out what events already exist. Odds are good something already exists and you can just participate in that.

There’s at least one other Chicago player here. He might know where you need to go locally, if there’s anything.


I can’t believe East Coast vs West Coast Became ( Xbox vs PSN ) versus ( Console vs Arcade )

How does One versus The World denegrate to that? Loss of focus entirely!


What FB group? Link?