Looking for some players who play online more frequent then not


Sup guys, just looking to run some casuals online with people who play alot still. I know there are like 80 other fighting games to play now but I enjoy this one the most still. I play on XBL and PSN so system does not matter let me know guys thanks.


Feel free to add me on PSN,i barely have any friends that play Street fighter :frowning:


Yeah, add me too: Onslaught_EXE

I’m on all the time. In terms of SF I have IV and Third Strike.




Good shit, Minato. :smiley:

Lookin’ forward to future matches.


Same here! Man was it intense i was fired up from the very start! :smiley: Looking forward to it too!


Did you three have fun on your play date? The entire SRK IV board were very concerned about it.

BTW: The main IV board is not your personal dating site to junk up with your 3-person online matchmaking threads. Utilize the online boards. Look in the character specific boards. Go post on Craigslist personals. Don’t post it on the main IV boards.