Looking for some really old Tekken Tag videos. Electric Cancel

I can’t recall which EC event I’m looking for. What I do remember is the best Ogre player from Korea came over ( Jang Suwon) for this one. The story is after the tournament you could order the whole event on VHS. So I did. Since I lived in Mississippi at the time and could not make it to California. However, when the video reached me I only got one look at it before my VCR ate it… I guess Tag is so dead now most people probably don’t even remember this event.

So if anyone has links. I would be very appreciative. Thanks!

That was Electric Cancel 3. Best tourney ever :rock:

YouTube - su won jop

Not sure if that will work. I just did a youtube search of su won jop.

edit: some more just searching electric cancel 3



damn, this makes new tekken so boring by comparison.

Cool deal. Thanks man, I have actually seen those before on youtube. I was hoping to find more. Like the entire tournament video. Yeah the new Tekkens can’t really compare to tag. Thanks for replying though! Let’s hope TTT2 is worth playing!

Well i have around 100 GB vids from tekken tag and most of the koreans n japs…i dont know which match u looking after…i think i can upload to youtube…
most of them r jin,kaz, devil, hwo, ogre…

Dude please upload and provide a link. We are just looking for good matches in general. That tournament had tons of great matches.

There’s a few videos of the guy who found and used the haha step, Seok, around. I think i have some videos of Valle playing him in TTT somewhere.