Looking for some redirection

Hello all!

This is my first post on the Shoryuken forums and I am fed up with my Xbox360 controller after 2 weeks of playing (I got fed up with the d-pad about 2 minutes after I touched it so I’ve been using the thumbstick… anyone else use that?).

I signed up to the forums and all and I KNOW I should be using the search function but its telling me that I have to wait 2147483647 seconds before I can search… which is about 68 years so ANYWAYS…

Can I get a couple helpful links to some guides on building your own arcade stick? I can work with wood and do anything physical but I’m a software guy when it comes to computers and as such, I know very little about circuit boards. I plan on ordering my parts from Sanwa, but I’d like to start reading up on this stuff so I can be ready by spring break to make my own stick.

And again, I know there are probably plenty of threads like this but the search function seems to be malfunctioning and I am tired of weird analog trigger buttons and mini joystick :frowning:

And also, if anyone is willing to answer a few basic questions for me, that would be awesome.

1.) Is basically what I’m doing remapping the thumbstick and buttons off a 360 controller circuit board to the joystick and buttons that I will be ordering? (in a casing)

2.) Soldering is not a problem, but is there any other tools that I should plan on having? (not counting those needed to shape the casing, which I have)

Thanks in advance.



This thread was literally RIGHT above yours.

It doesn’t hurt to look around before pressing ‘New Post.’

I read that post and while being helpful, it doesn’t really answer any of my questions… the only link provided is one that leads to an image database of other people’s sticks which I have already perused. It seems to have a bunch of images that look fantastic but I was hoping for some more textual based guidance on how to wire the buttons to the board. If the link is on there then it isn’t displaying for me… I see this on the page

info and link

with no actual info and no actual link.

There are some useful pics on that site, but as a guy who is totally new to this it’s not as helpful as a textual explanation.


he created a site specifically to answer your question.

Thank you very much Mindz. This was EXACTLY what I was looking for. :woot: