Looking for some serious training



First of all I would like to say hello Ive been reading shoryuken for a while now and never got more involved so here I am.

I am looking for some serious training, i got myself a TE stick yesterday and i am practising hard every night getting the bread and butter combo’s down to muscle memory.

Ive read through all the tips tricks and techniques threads noting down everything that has been discussed the pro’s the con’s etc. What i really need now is someone to take me under there wing and give me a good (for lack of a better word) thrashing i have always learnt best when suffering painful defeats repeatedly as it drives me to improve and improve fast.

My Xbox live gamer tag is “Bunsav” im from the UK so play damn near every night from 6.00PM (GMT) onwards. If anyone thinks they could help me out then please drop me a line i would appreciate it a great deal.

Cheers in advance great community you have here :slight_smile: