Looking for some suggestions for a new video card

I’m currently running an ATI 9800 Pro. I think it’s going bad, but I’m not sure. I’m going thru ATI’s warranty service, but I’m still thinking of getting a new one.

Anyway, I’m not trying to spend a lot, 100-200 and I’m completely out of it when it comes to what’s out nowadays. What would be comparable or better in that price range for my current card?


A good budget video card would be a nVidia GeForce 6600 GT, but if you can spend the money (should be around $200) then I’d recommend getting the nVidia GeForce 6800 GS. Both cards would be better than your current Ati 9800 Pro.

Just like RJ said, I have a 6600 GT and it works great. I got it just under a year ago for $220 so you should be able to pick one up for around $150 these days. This would also assume you can run a PCI-E. Post some of your comp specs and I might eb able to help a little better. Late

Hah, funny. I have been looking to get a 6600, too!

i hear that nVidia cards work better on amd’s processors and ati with intel, just wondering if this is true

The above is not true. You should also not go with brand loyalty and should mainly just try to stick with what is actually best for your price range.

I’m currently running an AMD Athlon 3000+
1280 Megs of PC3200 RAM
Radeon 9800 pro
Couple of seagate hard drives
Audigy Sound card
hitachi 21 inch monitor.

Go with the Nvidias if you’re on a budget. On the high-end now, I have to lean to the 1900, but for the 100-250 range, it’s hard to go wrong with either. But, in spite of my preference for ATI’s hardware, the Catalyst driver package is still crap compared to the Nvidia drivers.

that setup is very close to mine…

AMD 3700+
2gb pc3200
couple of samsung HDD
xfildelity sound card

but i didnt list a vid card cuz its for SALE!!!

ive got the deal for you if you want it since i just upgraded to PCI-E on my mobo to a 7900GTX

ive got a 6800ULTRA AGP from EVGA that i only had since like just last november

never overclocked and it has a 1 year warrantyt from EVGA and 1 extended warranty from microcenter that i can transfer and id be willing to let it go for like 150 shipped if you want it with box and everything… let me know if your interested

Ronin, are you able to support PCI-E?

If he’s using a 9800pro, then no it won’t have PCI-E

In order to get PCI-E he’ll need a new motherboard, which means he’ll need a new processor and probally a new PSU aswell, which is basically a full PC upgrade :stuck_out_tongue:

I have seen hybrid boards that can run PCI-E along with AGP, they are rare but i had to ask :slight_smile:

yeah i own a hybrid board that im using… it had a 6800ultra AGP and now 7900 GTX pcie