Looking for some Team Synergy for Chris any Suggestions



Anybody know what kind of characters benefit Chris most on point.


Haggar’s Lariat: Great defensive assist., something this game has little of and something Chris really benefits from. Just keep in mind that if you play Haggar second, he’ll be losing red life from the assists calls and will lose all of it if Chris dies. He also makes a sub-par anchor so the decision to play him second or third is crucial. Keep in mind there’s no safe DHC into Haggar from Chris to my knowledge. Also, Haggars have been seen using Chris as of late for his Machine Gun assist and THC so that’s a plus…

Hulk’s Gamma Charge Anti-Air: The other great defensive assist. Isn’t as active as Haggar’s but it’s literally a giant upward bound hit box, pretty much perfect for Chris. The DHC options are also nice, as they’re safe (for the most part, not sure about when in the corner). Still, Hulk and Chris definitely have some synergy. Machine Gun assist also works well for Hulk (Check out a player named Bum).

Sentinel’s Drones: I’ll probably be bias on this one since I use it but this assist can do it all. Emphasis on the ‘can’ though because it still takes quite a bit of skill to use Drones with Chris since he doesn’t have as many options to protect Sentinel as he comes in and calls the homies. Still, this assist can help you zone from full screen and pressure from mid screen. It also helps Chris out with his lock down game when you’ve got your opponent in the corner. Helps with incoming mix ups as well and with combos. If you can learn how to protect Sentinel, this assist is awesome for Chris.

Dante’s Jam Session: I guess I’ll get the other assist I use out of the way. This assist is sort of a bootleg defensive assist and can’t run with the first two but still, it’s a pillar of hit box that can’t be jumped over. It’s only downfall is it has some start-up and isn’t invincible. It has an advantage over the first two assists mentioned in that it can take down characters who chill at the top of the screen (Zero, Doom, Trish) but spacing it to hit your opponent is something you’ll have to work on. The DHC option is also great since you can go into Devil Trigger from wherever. Helps with combos as well.

Doom’s Hidden Missiles: I haven’t used this assist before but it just seems really nice for Chris. It goes directly up, hitting Chris’ weak spot and comes back down on your opponent’s head, keeping them grounded, where Chris is strongest. What I’ve found with trying to use this assist is that it works best when you have a defensive assist as well. I tried to run Drones and Missiles but I found it tough to protect them both against rush down. That’s just my opinion. Doom’s also one of the strongest characters this time around and DHCs are nice with his finger lasers.

Strider’s Vajra: This assist is everything Chris could ask for. Knocking opponents out of the air and with a hard knock down is just too good for Chris. It can also be used for combos and the DHC into Legion is solid. The thing about this assist is that it can be tough to get out when your getting mauled, so you have to pick your spots wisely when your opponent’s rushing down. Still, full screen, this assist is really nice and helps Chris in many different ways. Strider is also one of the best anchors in the game with level three x-factor.

There are more but these are the only ones I know enough about to write. Horizontal assists help out (Doom’s Plasma Beam, Taskmaster or Hawkeye Arrows) and Vergil’s Rapid Slash takes the opponent all the way to the other side of the screen. Iron Fist’s Rising Fang is extremely fast and hits at jumping range, great for tri-dashers. It also wall bounces so check that out. That’s all I’ve got for now though. Hope this helps.


Yeah I really have been considerin the drones, but seeing as I hardly ever use him I dont want to be one of those teams. As in I only abuse assist, but dies as soon as I have to play them
Is there anything I should know about sentinel other than that he’s made of plastic now.


It’s tough to cover him with Chris but there are ways to do it. Calling Drones and super jumping isn’t a bad strategy, especially if you’ve thrown a flame grenade, since you’ll land in the pool. Sentinel himself is tough to play, I’m not gonna sugar coat it. You might get a few herp derp level three x-factor comebacks online but for the most part, I’ve never heard someone say “This is a good matchup for Sentinel”. Especially against characters like Wesker and Taskmaster who can zone you until you finally make it in and then use command grabs or instant overheads. You have to be good at breaking air throws too. He’s pretty much wack bot but that doesn’t mean you can’t play him effectively (Ray Ray, Fanatiq, Knives, Infrit).


Oh yeah member watchin them on streams and being inspired. Shortly after i would have me a dead robot. I dont like dead robots. But from what I noticed successful sentinal players flight canceled ground normals a lot. Any other tactics i should consider with the wack bot? Just to make him a lil bit less wack


Definitely learn to not only flight cancel ground normals but air normals as well. For example, Air H (Flight Cancel) Air L > Air H (Unfly) Air M (On the way down). Stuff like that will help apply pressure and help you stuff air throw attempts. You should also learn the push block air throw set up on incoming characters. It’s pretty much Fly and use S when they come in and then immediately dash up and grab them when they push block the S. Their tech has to be timed perfectly so it’s not to bad of a set up. Just remember to fly a little lower than jump height before you hit them wih the S. Don’t abuse cr.M either and when you do use it, don’t only look to launch or fly cancel, look to cancel into Medium Rocket Punch and if it hits, cancel into Jazz Hands or HSF if they’re too far away.


I personally enjoy Chris/Frank/Spencer or Spencer/Chris/Haggar or Spencer/Captain America/Chris or Chris/Captain America/Hawkeye or Chris/Captain America/Taskmaster


Chris benefits from anything that keeps things away from him and things that allow him to force chip damage / plant a land mine/ throw fire grenade.

Any invincible crossover counter (Chris is a good battery)
Consider Lariat assist (especially as a crossover counter)
Dante’s anything but especially Weasel Shot and Jam Session.
Strider’s Vajra is fantastic for him.
Sentinel’s drones.
Hawkeye’s Greyhound (Triple Arrow!)
Taskmaster’s Arrows
Any Beam
Hidden missiles
Amaterasu’s Cold Star
Vergil’s Rapid Slashes
Storm’s Whirlwind
Akuma Tatsu


Love me these tips. I feel that Chris does best on point since his own assists are pretty mediocre. However i feel that anything coming at a 45 degree angle tends to be a problem. Since i feel he doesnt really have quick normals that cover the air unless im missin somethin.