Looking for someone to completely revamp my two arcade sticks

Hi guys I’m looking for an expert to change out the stick, and buttons from my PS2 Hori Fightingstick 2, and my PS1 Namco Arcade Stick.

I have absolutely no technical skills in drilling, cutting, or electronics so I am completely hopeless at this.

I am located in Melbourne so if anyone is up for the job or knows someone, please give me some details. I would also be willing to post it out.


u should post in the trading outlet and what do you want done to them

Ok thanks for the advice.

Can a mod move this? If not please close this and I’ll repost in the respective forum.

he did say “revamp”

Yep I’m just after changing out the stick and buttons. Keeping the actual case intact as much as possible.

In regards to the hardware specifics I’m not too clued in on that stuff but I guess if I had to throw it out there I’d be after a square gate Sanwa stick and I supposed Sanwa buttons as well. I prefer the Japanese style of stick and arcade buttons that you find with the old SF 3rd Strike machines etc.