Looking for someone to help me create a book cover

I started writing a book and I’ll just self publish a copy using blurb.com.

For that I need to create the cover entirely but I suck at Photoshop.
This endeavour would be making the graphic for a dust jacket meaning it would look something like this
[a][ b ][c][ d ][e]
a: being the back inside flap
b: is the back
c: spine
d: front cover
e: front inside flap.

I’ll post dimensions and requirements when I have them but for now I’m just posting in case anyone has graphic ideas for the cover.
Just for inspiration it’s a detective story which involves murder of course BDSM, webcams, a stalker and the some other shit. .
The name of it is Breathless.
Let me know if you feel up to it. The exact sizes will be up maybe in a few days.

here is a draft of my idea

Alright. I finally have dimensions and stuff as well as details for the request itself. I really should’ve put this in the first post but I left town in a hurry and didn’t get around to it, sorry Vic :confused:

Alright so right now I need just the front cover, fuck the spine and flaps. I just need the background to be one color so I can have the spine, flaps, and back match.

I’m looking for probably a 2 color scheme. Dark silouhettes over a red background. Since it does have to do with bdsm and shit, possibly the silhouette of a dom chick or something I don’t know I like the gun but the murders in the book aren’t done by gunshot so it’s kind of off topic.

Width=1663 pixel
height= 2550 pixels
300 dpi.

How are the murders done and are you planning on selling this?

I am asking for legal reasons

I’m not. Maybe the script at some point but I’m getting the art done purely for myself. The first murder is actually strangulation on a saint andrew’s cross. Though I was wrong in my previous post. There is a murder done by gun shot.

How is this?

I had an awesome minimalistic idea but the BDSM has thrown me

I had quite a few ideas but I don’t have much time so I just worked on the one and ran it through some photoshop filters

Click image for full size,

Wow. Great work from both of you! Thank you very much!

I have to ask though, Furious One, is there any chance the second choice could have panties, or silhouette or just something to hide the vag. I’m giving a copy to my folks >.>

Otherwise thank you both very much.

Haha sure, I could probably photoshop a thong in :tup:


Amazing work dude. Thank you so much!

Thanks man, you’re welcome :bgrin: