Looking for someone to make image... willing to pay

[I am looking for a picture of the earth or even better maybe a map of the world with the letters WeR1 going across (the color of the letters I guess should be something passive and peaceful looking).

From there I wanted a maile Lei tied into the picture I guess below the globe or maybe circling the globe.

If there is anyone that can create this of is able to do this please let me know what you would want for it in return.

I am willing to paypal some $ for it or I am willing to buy the person premium membership etc. I am flexible in working out a deal.

If at all possible the higher the resolution the better on the picture.

If you need to reach me email me at psx_cvs2@hotmail.com or pm me on srk.

I have attached a Google search for Maile Lei?s to give you an idea what they look like.

Maile Lei

i have a few questions,

what’s the final purpose of the project? (avatar? logo? wallpaper? print?)

Its going to be used on a cd case for this world peace fest project im working on.


I figure either would be a good pic of earth for whoever does it.