Looking for someone to mod a stick

I was recently given a hori fs3 and 8 seimitsu PS-14-D’s and a LS-32 stick. The fs3 is in almost new condition by the looks of it, and the seimitsu parts are all brand new. I got it all from a trade, and the person who owned it apparently didn’t realize that modding this stick was more than they could handle. I really have no clue if these parts can even be put in this stick or not, but if they can, I’m hoping someone here would be able to mod it for me. Thanks.

You certainly can put those parts in that stick.

I would get in touch with user TingBoy. He does good work for a cheap price.

Also find out what platform or console is the stick for? Or are you planning on using the FS3’s own PCB?

I’m going to use it for it’s original purpose. I don’t have a good stick for my ps3yet, so I figured this would be a good opportunity.

I can mod it for you, hit me up on aim or pm

Would TingBoy (or you, Vietexan) be a good person to talk to about modding my EX.2 with Sanwa parts? I’m pretty technically competent (built my own PC), but I’ve never used a soldering gun before, and am terrified that I’ll screw it up …

LS-32 doesnt fit properly in this stick.