Looking for someone who builds good reliable custom sticks

heres what im looking for in the stick

-Dimensions:16"L x 10"W x 5"H (40.64cm x 25.40cm x 12.70cm)
-Sanwa buttons(color: black or clear)
-8 button set up
-360 joystick
-plexiglass top
-bearing this artwork
-neatly done

as for the possible stick builder:

-Someone who has a good reputation for quality work.
-Someone who is not gonna F*** me over money wise.
-Someone who knows what they are doing.

note: I know that making a custom stick is not a easy nor quick task, so in turn after I do locate someone who can successfully construct this stick. I would request it be done in a months time if possible, and I am also willing to pay $250 or more. That would include parts and labor. I myself would pay for shipping.

As for receiving payment once you produce a picture of the completed stick, payment will be made within 1-2 days after via PayPal or Money Order.

I am very serious about furthering my advancement in Guilty Gear, Melty Blood, SF: third strike, and CVS2. Thus this stick would be greatly help in my trek to becoming a high level competitor.

I thank all who have taken the time to look over this request/thread regardless of your intent.


-Kid Dynamite [MrHatandClogs]:china:

Check in the Trading Outlet thread. There’s a bunch of custom stick builders in there.

u want a bastard child stick? sanwa button and american stick?

yep im a fat kid with fat hands the buttons have a wider touch space, and the stick moves better for me heh:tup:

makes sense then, alright



Now if only I could close threads…

you wish tingboy :wink: