Looking for - someone who can teach me, SSFIVAE


First off, I am not sure if teach would be a good word here. It’s doesn’t have to be 1v1 lessons like going through everything about the game. But someone who is good, and able and willing to spent time to fight with me and watch out my mistakes while playing. Watch my replay and someone who can solve my problem when I have one. So I’m like everyone else, who is looking for a teacher. If you ask my why looking for a teach, it’s because I think players improve better and faster when someone guide them. So players do not have to learn in the hard way, so they can embed right thing into their head.

I will talk a little about myself, if you are interesting to know me.
I have been playing SSFIVAE for about a month now, 2 weeks with the stick; and I was totally new to fighting games. I just switched to XBL yesterday, I was on PS3. ( the connection on XBL is un-comparable to PS3) I live in East Coast, Northeast be specific. I mainly play Ken, and the reason I picked Ken it because I THOUGHT learning the basic (like Ryu) will help me better at this game in the future, but Ken and Ryu has too many difference LOL. However though, I still have a list of characters that I want to learn as well. (Ibuki, Yun, Fei Long, Dee Jay, Chun-Li, Gouken, Ryu) However, you don’t have to be a Ken player, or even any characters I have mentioned. Because what I really want to learn is the fundamental, the basic mechanic that can be apply to all the character. Yeah, of course, if you know how to play those character would be better!

I started to play games (MMOs[PvPs], Strategy, MOBA, console) since I was very small, I’m 21 this year. I always thought I have good mechanics over games. However, fighting game require A LOT of practice in mechanics, which I will be constantly doing, even though no one replay this thread. Usually I master game quite fast (of course not those games require a lot of skills), and I just stop play them after I mastered them. But SSF, I don’t know why. I really want to become better at this game really seriously. Therefore, I’m really looking for someone who can help me up.

So please, if you are interesting being my mentor and my friend. PM me, or reply below, I will PM you.
And for those who read this thread, thank you!


I’m a DeeJay player and would be willing to help you for sure! I am also picking up Ken now too.