Looking for someone who has Platinum Trophy (Ruler of All)

If you do, I’d like to see what T-shirt you get on Playstation Home. Let me know!

Need to take pics/video as well.


Anybody close to getting the trophy yet?

yo i got the trophy, but i dont know which shirt the platinum gives u in particular, but what i have is, the black akuma, red sin shirt, blue dan, black shadaloo, gray gouken shirt, im guessing this gouken shirt is the platinum one.

edit: sorry if your looking for pics, no camera on hand :confused: but if u want just send me a friends request and we can meet up on home and u can take pics there.


If you could have both a Male and Female Avatar ready for pics in the meantime, that’d be great.

Just need maybe 5 minutes to do all this (pics/video).

I’ll be sending that friend request soon, thanks!

PS: The last shirt is the Grey Gouken shirt you mentioned. Thanks for confirming!

sounds good, just hit me up whenever

Here’s the vid:


thanks again Viet!