Looking for someone willing to teach for a possible payment

I have decided that i am going to main Akuma, however, i’ve got no idea as to what to do, i learn better from someone talking to me, and teaching me on spot, rather than watching a video. And because of this (You guessed it) i would like to have a trainer. I will pay this person accordingly, however, i want very serious training sessions, for i am looking to play at Tournament level. My Gamertag on Xbox is ZJ5Basketball, and thank you for reading.

There are somethings that cant really be taught well at least not footsies. You should read Maj’s footsies guide to get a start thats just my suggestion. IMO every street fighter player should read this at one point besides some people (Mike W., Valle, ect…). This guide is great and def worth the read. This can give you a foothold for at least now. http://sonichurricane.com/?page_id=1702

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please stop posting these in the SF4 section. This is like the fifth thread of yours I’ve closed/moved.

How is SF4 not the correct place to post this? The post itself is asking for a SF4 player to teach me ?

No offense but this website blows, for the fact that you mods are so trigger happy with deleting/moving a post. If you read into this, or atleast the first sentence, you would know that SF4 is what this pretains to. I’m looking for a better alternative to these forums.

I think it’s because it shows you haven’t looked at any of the “Read this first” posts at the top of the forums, and because it’s a newbie question? I’m a newbie too here, so maybe I’m wrong, but on all the forums I go on; people who ask questions without reading the rules (or without searching the forum first) are the first under the hammer from the mods.

It’s because you are asking for someone to train you through Xbox live…so TB was right.

You suck because you don’t want to read the rules around here.

If you want serious training sessions and want to be at tournament level…start by actually going to tournaments/gatherings.
The tournament environment is much different than online.