Looking for (sort of) violet screw-in buttons


Hi guys,

I’m looking for violet screw-in buttons for my next custom arcade stick. The color should resemble the color of the vanilla game boy buttons as closely as possible - take a guess on how the stick will look like :wink:

For reference: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c6/Nintendo_Gameboy.jpg

The only buttons I’ve found so far that seem to match the colors are Sanwa OBSF 30mm, but I need screw-ins because of the dimension of the base plate. Snap-ins won’t work.

Will someone point me to a shop, preferably in Europe? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hmm… I wonder if pink will work…


Sanwa makes screw-ins (OBSN-30) but I’m not sure if they have any in that color.


Well… thanks for mentioning the buttons I linked in my post :smiley:
By the pictures I find, I can’t really tell if the Sanwa buttons resemble the Game Boy buttons as closely as I hope they do, maybe someone who uses them can share his thoughts. If they don’t, I might as well take a SNES controller for a template, but Game Boy looks better :slight_smile:


you could swap plungers with Sanwa screw in and snap ins


Even by translating “plungers” (I’m German) I couldn’t figure out what you mean… :frowning:


When talking about buttons:
“plunger” = the center middle part that you actually press down
"rim" = the part of the button that’s actually mounted onto the panel, ie, the “outside” visible ring part.

That being said, another option that might work for you is using clear Seimitsu screw-ins (PS-14-KN), and either paint or otherwise color up the insert (via paper insert, sticker, etc).


Thanks for clearing that up. Translucent buttons also came to my mind, I don’t think there are any other possibilities… maybe I’ll just order some different colors and decide which one looks best. Appreciate your help!