Looking for SOTA/NECA/RESAURUS Street fighter figures

anyone have some for sell? loose, packaged, complete, just the figure? dont really care as long as the price is decent. Too many overpriced items on ebay and amazon.


I might have a SOTA Guile(green camo) in new/unopened packaging. I will see if I can locate and send you pic.

I have a loose sota guile, loose large sota sagat, and a packaged remy resaurus with red pants.

hey thanks for the PM wtfbbq. I have so much going on i forget to check some of my own post. If you have anything you are willing to sell PM me or re-post here and ill try to get back. I will be going to EVO so if any of you plan on going to we can possibly work something out to avoid the shipping process. I wont actually be able to buy until after EVO or at EVO since im saving money for that event
thanks for responding guys

Just found the Sota Rd3 Guile; green camo. New/Factory Sealed. Let me know if you are still interested after EVO.


Is anyone going to EVO that wants to sell some figures?

I have a full set of SOTA SF2 figures in their original colors, thinking of getting rid of them, most but not all accessories. PM if interested.