Looking for spare Madcatz Fightpad SD button Rubbers!


I can pay you for shipping costs and a little more if anybody has extra fightpad SD button rubbers laying around(The more the better). Mine is currently getting worn down and unfortunately I like the controller feel for the fightpads xD

Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:


SD button rubbers?? I jus took apart a fightpad, if you give me a picture I could probably help you


I just took one apart for a mod and plan to do another in the next few days. They are the 360 version, if that matters. Send me a PM, I can send you the entire empty case.




^ The Madcatz Street Fighter X Tekken SD Controller and the piece I need as much as I can get of (The Rubber Button pressers)


I might have one for ya. I also have a fight pad I disassembled for modding. I’ll check when I get home and let ya know.


Alright, cool thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Well Foopy is sending me a couple for free (Since it’s only a regular envelope with maybe an extra stamp). If anybody else stumbles upon some more spares I will gladly accept them.

Thanks SRK :smiley:


Sent it for like three bucks via UPS. Because I stack paper.

(“Extra Stamp” was an estimate because they are so light. Your mileage will most likely vary. Do not try this at home.)


I found one for ya. I’ll pm you