Looking for sparring partners on PC


I use E. Honda. I’m really new to online, but iv been playing in person with my friend for the past 8 months. I have been doing okay for myself and i win a good share of my matches, but the games i do lose are usually due to my lack of knowledge of the match up. So if anyone wants to help me out or even learn the E. Honda match up lemme know : )


Where are you from? If east coast and we get a good connections or europe then we can do some matches, Im not too good though (or at least I wouldnt say I am)


I probably should have included that in the post, Im from CT


I’m in CT as well, so I’m sure our connection would be fine. I’m sure it’d be helpful having someone to practice and try things out with, as we’re on the newer side.

GFWL: Aristocrap1