Looking for sparring partners to help me improve

As a Dan main, I’m working my ass off to be the best I can with him. I picked him because he uses a shoto set, which I’m best with, but he’s not handed power on a silver platter like Ryu or Ken. Unlike the shoto brothers, who when I win I feel like I barely tried, Dan makes me feel like I busted my ass off and earned the victory, and that’s why I main Dan, I love that rush of winning with a character that noone expects and pushing my brain/looking good while doing it. Obviously, I have a way to go, and that’s why I need help. On the PSN, my current ranking is 2084 BP, which puts me at 261 internationally of all the Dan players. But my PP is low because I keep barely losing to other people who have high pp. I need a sparring bud to help me solidify my basics and learn advanced so I can keep on trucking. My PSN tag is Talzer. I’d be grateful if anyone would like to help me out. Even links to better improving my Dan game would suffice.

P.S. Yes, I’m competitive, believe it or not, but I want to improve before joining any tournaments. Thanks for understanding!

where do you live? If you’re near Indonesia, I can help you

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I suggest going to a place that holds casuals on the weekends or something. Seeing as you live in Las Vegas, I’m certain you won’t have to look hard. A wise man name Gootecks once said, “Online makes you weak.” The only way to truly improve is to seek real life competition; forget about those lag switching button mashers. In my experience, many players are more than willing to show newcomers the ropes, the only problem I see you running into is someone who takes you seriously when you tell them you main Dan, unfortunately. :sad:

Which is why I’ve finally decided to switch to a more competitive fighter. I’m considering between T. Hawk, M. Bison(Dictator), Dudley, El Fuerte, Gouken, Hakan, and the 4 new AE characters (I wish they had trials =/) All of those except for the 4 new additions I scored high in the trials, so I would explore one of them.

Edit: It’s down to T. Hawk, Hakan, and Zangief. So yeah, changing over to grappling. Unfortunately, no idea which one would work best. According to the tier charts, only Zangief is anywhere near valid, but I might be different =O

no no no no no talzer my man. dont switch your main if you like their design, moves exc. wanting to play a more competitive character for me is just bullcrap. i say screw tier lists and stuff like that. if your dedicated, you can get awesome with anyone. so whether or not you switch your main is up to your personal prefrence. dont switch cause of pressure. ssf4ae is probably the most balanced fighting game i played, maybe even of all time to be honest. so EVERYONE has competitive potential in this game. so play who YOU want to play.

I agree with swafflong, don’t switch just because no one else is using him or people don’t take you seriously. Play who you want to play, it will make the game more fun and your experiance better. Sure I’ve had many a game that came down to the wire that with another character i probably would have had the match, but while i play semi-seriously, i also play to have fun. If your not going to be making money from tournaments, then there really isn’t a reason to not have fun.

Total side note, it doesn’t hurt to have a secondary that is “good” tier wise lol.

not funny when your using dan in person, but ruinning their diginity always puts a smile on my face and comeback for more “dan madness”(dsp quotes)