Looking for special gift suggestions.....please

Hey there boys and girls,

My man is a crazy Street Fighter fan, his Xbox and I are loved equally by him.
I am looking for help in buying him a special gift for a special event in our lives and figured rather than run the risk of going wrong, I would run the risk of looking a fool here and try asking for suggestions or opinions.

His character of choice is Blanka - oh man, I hope he does’t come across this thread!
He has all your typical games, the fighter pad (apologies if this is not the correct title) and so forth, but I wanted to get him something perhaps rare, unique, special, grr…something he would not of thought to get himself…so far, all I have found is: Blanka

Might there be anyone here willing to help out a girl really trying to impress, surprise and please her man? It doesnt have to be Blanka specific, it can be anything really. What would you like your lady to buy you one day?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this, and super thanks to those who might reply!


P.S - if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve my chances of getting help, please let me know.

I PM’d this “chick” and he tried to convince me to appear in a gay porn film.