Looking For spectator pass tickets. If you bought a pass and can't go I'll pay


For those who purchased a spectator pass ticket to evo and can’t go then let me know and I’ll pay for your ticket. If you dont want your ticket to go to waste then ill put it to good use. if there’s more then one person that are in this situation then great because my friends are looking to go (3 of us total). We bought tournament only and looking to enjoy the event in the case we get knocked out early on sat or fri. Thanks ^.^

P.S. PM or post on this thread.


My friend is in need of a specator pass as well, and would like to buy from someone who doesnt need theirs. However, my only concern with this is if they will allow interchangeable specator passes with other people at the event. Anybody know if its possible to sell spactator passes to other people.


Like I said in my thread, I am willing to sell but I don’t think it is allowed. You guys should ask inkblot/ponder brothers


If you paid to enter any tournaments, you don’t need a spectator pass. Your EVO badge will get you in on Sunday, and passes aren’t needed to get in Saturday or Friday last time I checked.


You can’t pick a badge if you’re not there in person.
Badges are handed at the event’s venue the day of the event.
Nobody has anything to sell.


I will be there Fri-Sun, I just don’t need my spec badge anymore